Inspection Report

We know that prompt access to the inspection report is critical. A detailed report will be available within 24 hours of the inspection. Access will be available via email or web portal link. Report will include numerous photos, illustrations, and recommendations.  Below are examples of illustrations and language contained in an inspection report.


 Handrails at one or more flights of stairs were missing. This is a potential fall hazard. Handrails should be installed at stairs with four or more risers or where stairs are greater than 30 inches high. Recommend that a qualified contractor install handrails where missing and per standard building practices

Down Spout

Extensions such as splash blocks or drain pipes for one or more downspouts were substandard. Water can accumulate around the building foundation or inside crawl spaces or basements as a result. Recommend that a qualified person install, replace or repair extensions as necessary so rainwater drains away from the structure.




 One or more hangers supporting metal heating or cooling ducts were broken. This can result in loose or disconnected ducts, reduced energy efficiency, or increased moisture in unconditioned spaces. Normally metal ducts require support every three to six feet. A qualified person should make permanent repairs per standard building practices.

Garbage Disposal

The under-sink food disposal was noisy or vibrated excessively. Also water was leaking from the junction between the food disposal and the sink basing. A qualified plumber should repair or replace as necessary.